12 Lies You Were Told About Space

Did you know that the Sun isn’t really on fire? Find out all about that and more… What If YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING Start the discussion, leave a comment below

We May Only Have 30 Minutes Warning If a Solar Storm is Coming

“Imagine what would happen if every mobile phone stopped working, the Internet went down for weeks or even months” By T.K. Randall via unexplained-mysteries The space agency has stressed that there may be very little warning that a disruptive solar storm is about to hit the Earth. The last time a coronal mass ejection from the Sun hit the Earth … Continue reading

3 Terrifying 2023 Baba Vanga Predictions

“Although she died in 1994 at age 84, Baba Vanga still left many predictions for the future, including 2023.” by Ariana Baio via MSN Baba Vanga, the blind clairvoyant mystic from Bulgaria, has a list of predictions for 2023 to be on the lookout for. Since she was a child in the 1910s, Baba Vanga was able to feel inclinations … Continue reading

Top 10 Events That Will End the World

Here are 10 doomsday events that will end the world. In the center of our Solar System, there is a ticking bomb, and when it explodes, it will end all life on Earth. That ticking bomb is our Sun. Like all the stars in the Universe, it has an expiration date. And some five billion years from now, it will … Continue reading

Real Images of Moon Bases, UFOs & Large Unknown Body Near the Sun

This BruceSeesAll video shows us two images that are from a space association and the rest of the video is all his personal research in ufology and astronomy on the moon. A remarkable recording of Bruce shows a UFO leaving the moon and while NASA tells us there is no extraterrestrial activity on the moon, it is only a matter … Continue reading

Cracks are Appearing in Earth’s Magnetic Field as the Equinox Approaches

“Solar winds are constantly flowing past the Earth, however, they are a lot stronger in the aftermath of a CME” by Jess Thomson via Newsweek Image: © ISTOCK / GETTY IMAGES PLUS So-called cracks in the Earth’s magnetic field have led to spectacular aurora light shows being seen in the skies, despite there not having been a solar storm to … Continue reading

SOMETHING is Showing Up in Videos from the EAST Coast!

Very interesting captures of what seems to be like an object next to the sun (and no doesn’t appear to be the usual false light effect due to lens refraction.. ie not image ghosting or lens glare). Also discussed is the extreme heat and weather changes. MRMBB333 YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING … Continue reading

What Would Happen If All the Planets of the Solar System Aligned?

In 1609, famous astronomer Johannes Kepler published the first two of his three laws of planetary motion, which held that planets move around the sun in ellipses, not circles (as had been widely believed up to that time). He also stated that planets speed up as they approach the sun and slow down as they move away. Then, in 1619, … Continue reading

Aliens and Astronauts UFOs on the Moon

We are told the Moon has been here since before the dawn of man and is either a part of the Earth itself or a vagabond captured by our world eons ago. But is this true? There are many theories for the existence of the Moon but all have been proven wrong. The Moon is far older than previously acknowledged … Continue reading

‘Space Weather Woman’ Predicts Massive Solar Storm to Strike Earth

” “Direct Hit!” she predicted. “A snake-like filament launched as a big solar storm while in the Earth-strike zone.” “ by Bob Brigham Raw Story via msn Headline Image: © provided by RawStory Icelandic spiral northern lights in autumn time / Shutterstock. One of the world’s leading space science experts predicted a “direct hit” from a solar storm. Dr. Tamitha … Continue reading

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