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Project to Bring Back the Dead Gets Government Approval

A project to bring back the dead has itself been brought back from the dead. Project Reanima, an experiment in using stem cells to stimulate the regrowth of neurons in clinically dead patients, has overcome its failure to file the proper paperwork last year by successfully receiving institutional review board (IRB) approval to begin bringing the dead back to life … Continue reading

New Research Leads to Consideration that Our Moon And Pluto are of Planet Status

Is the moon a planet? How about Pluto? Astronomical authorities say no, but Alan Stern, who led the research on the New Horizons probe to Pluto, begs to differ. Stern is part of the team behind a new paper published in Planetary and Lunar Sciences, which argues that the existing definition of “planet” is flawed. Under Stern’s new definition, the … Continue reading

X marks the spot where the meteorite hit the moon.
Photo: Aberystwyth University
First Eye Witnessed Lunar Impact Event

Space scientists at Aberystwyth University have reported what they believe to be the first confirmed sighting in the British Isles of a meteorite hitting the Moon. A Lunar Impact Flash – a flash of light when something hits the Moon’s surface – was recorded on the southern hemisphere of the Moon and probably caused by a small meteorite the size … Continue reading

Lack of Sleep and the Havoc it Wreaks on Your Body

Not sleeping is one of the worst feelings in the world. (My editor says she feels nauseated if she doesn’t get at least 5 hours.) But not sleeping multiple nights in a row can be downright unhealthy. If you are a person who thinks you only need a couple of hours a night, you are fooling yourself and headed for … Continue reading

5 Truly Bizarre Lifeforms Spotted in the Deep Pacific

NOAA biologists have just completed a three-week expedition to the American Samoa region of the Pacific, and early footage coming out of their deep-sea dive has revealed some mind-boggling lifeforms from the darkest depths. The team aboard the Okeanos Explorer research ship sent a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to depths of almost 4 km (2.5 miles) to find creatures with … Continue reading

New Light Based Wi-Fi System Will Make Internet 100-Times Faster

Scientists have developed a new wireless internet based on harmless infrared rays that is 100 times faster than existing wi-fi network and has the capacity to support more devices without getting congested. Slow wi-fi is a source of irritation that nearly everyone experiences. Wireless devices in the home consume ever more data, and it is only growing, and congesting the … Continue reading

New Subatomic Particles Discovered by Large Hadron Collider Team

Five new subatomic particles that had been “hiding in plain sight” have been uncovered by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), Europe’s giant atom-smasher. They were discovered by scientists in charge of the LHCb experiment, also known as “beauty”, which is exploring what happened just after the Big Bang that gave birth to the universe. By measuring their properties, physicists hope … Continue reading

Our Genetic Code Created by Aliens and they Signed it with the Number 37, Scientists Say

THE answer to the origin life could simply be the number 37 which could prove that our genetic code was created by ancient aliens, according to a new scientific theory. The notion that life on Earth has alien origins is nothing new, but a pair of researchers believe that they have cracked an ancient code which prove that life was … Continue reading

Gene Responsible for ‘Rain Man’ Disorder Identified

For people with agenesis of the corpus callous, the brain lacks the fibres that connect the left and right hemispheres. A gene responsible for mild cases of the brain disorder behind the 1988 hit movie Rain Man has been identified. Kim Peek was the real-life ‘mega-savant’ who inspired the Oscar-winning movie. But aside from his phenomenal ability to memorise books … Continue reading

Quantum Teleportation Achieved, Team Makes Particles QUANTUM JUMP from One Location to Another

TExperts have seen electrons quantum leap between materials, leaving no trace of where they had been. The action has been described as a strange type of quantum movement where the electron traveled from the first layer of a material to the third without appearing in the second. Lead researcher Hui Zhao, from the University of Kansas, said: “Electrons can show … Continue reading

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I Enjoy BENDEDREALITY and would like to show my appreciation for their efforts and help them stay alive
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