Study Says Even Moderate Drinking Can Lead to Brain Changes, Faster Ageing

via Sputniknews Image: bridgesward/Pixabay Earlier studies said that only heavy drinking results in brain damage, suggesting that moderate amounts of alcohol do not harm our system significantly. Some research even asserted that a glass of wine per week may be good for one’s health. Even an innocent alcoholic drink per day can lead to a reduction of one’s brain size, … Continue reading

Japanese Scientists Develop Vaccine to Eliminate Cells Connected to Aging

“We can expect that (the vaccine) will be applied to the treatment of arterial stiffening, diabetes and other aging-related diseases…” via The Japan Times Headline Image: IStock/Getty Images A Japanese research team said it developed a vaccine to remove so-called zombie cells that accumulate with age and damage nearby cells, causing aging-related diseases including arterial stiffening. The team, including Juntendo … Continue reading

Wanna Be 12 Years Younger?

By staff writer Roger Conner BENDEDREALITY.COM – September 2017 Ageing seems to be an undeniable part of our lives but is there something we can do to significantly affect this process? There may be… This isn’t a joke, it has been scientifically accomplished already – without drugs, vitamins, minerals or any other substances. Your own mind manufactures chemicals which affect … Continue reading

Sitting Down for Hours a Day Speeds up Ageing Based on New Research

People should aim to stand up every 20 minutes, according to Age UK Elderly people who spend most of their time sitting down age significantly quicker than more active contemporaries, according to new research. A study of 1,500 pensioners found those who kept to a sedentary position for ten hours or more a day and who did less than 40 … Continue reading