Magnitude 9.0 Earthquake Warning Given To North American West Coast

A data buoy located in the ocean just off the coast of Oregon has indicated that a possible large earthquake could be about to strike the west coast of America. The data indicates that the earthquake could strike the Cascadia Subduction Zone – an area where a magnitude 9.0 earthquake last struck in 1700. reports: According to the data … Continue reading

Businessman Consulting Glowing Crystal Ball
World Predictions Until 2050 by Remote Viewer E.M Nicolay

Details about the future events that are going to happen by 2050 were predicted by a E.M Nicolay who is also known as Gene. Below are a few events written on our most probable present and future timeline: Around March 2015, there was an assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin by Western covert operations. During this time, he mysteriously disappeared from … Continue reading

Where On Earth Are NASA’s Rovers Sending Pictures From? Devon Island, Canada

Some people are questioning the whole story of NASA’s rovers on Mars. They believe that the rovers were never sent to Mars. But if NASA’s rovers are not on Mars, then where exactly are they? First of all, evidence suggests that the pictures that we see on NASA’s website are not even taken by the Curiosity and Opportunity rovers. One … Continue reading

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