Mysterious Humming Noise Has Plagued Canadian City For Years, Driving Residents ‘Mad’

A mysterious low-level humming noise which has plagued a Canadian city for years has left residents unable to cope with the persistent sound with poor health. The Windsor Hum, can be heard throughout Windsor, Ontario, home to almost 220,000 people, but it has been reported 90 miles away in the US city of Cleveland. Complaints of the part noise, part … Continue reading

Loud Explosion Shook Houses in Thunder Bay Ontario, Meteorite Suspected

Object spotted by officers Wednesday night, but now police, investigating expert can’t find it A loud explosion that shook houses in a semi-rural part of Thunder Bay, Ont., Wednesday evening may have been caused by a meteorite that landed on the outskirts of the northwestern Ontario city, according to local police. Patrol officers were dispatched to the area of Highway … Continue reading

Earthquake Accompanied by Loud Boom Startles Couple in Southwestern Ontario Canada

A Wheatley woman says a minor earthquake Saturday night startled her and her husband while they watched the hockey game. The United States Geological Survey says a 2.2 magnitude earthquake hit around 9:50pm on Saturday. It was reportedly centred about 5 km below the surface near the intersection of Wheatley Rd. and Essex Rd. 8. Siobhan Cence says it sounded … Continue reading

Large Green Fireball Lights Up the Sky Over Parts of US Midwest (VIDEO)

A giant green fireball was caught on a police officer’s dashcam lighting up the skies over the US midwest early Monday morning. The Illinois officer was on routine patrol around 1:30 a.m., when he saw “a giant green-lighted orb.” so the quick-thinking cop turned on his dashcam to capture the spectacular sight. “It was too good not to share,” Lisle … Continue reading

Extreme Cold, Arctic Outflow, Blizzard and Snowfall Warnings across Canada

8 Dec 2016 – minus 40 C (-40 F) range by Friday morning. Far colder in some areas Alberta Extreme Cold Warning for more than 50 locations (See link below) With overnight low temperatures in the minus thirties (Celsius) and light easterly winds, wind chill values are expected to reach the minus 40 C (-40 F) range by Friday morning. … Continue reading