Blind Psychic Predicted Russian President Vladimir Putin Will Become ‘Lord of the World’

“The psychic reportedly predicted the Covid outbreak ‘years ago’ when she warned: ‘The corona will be all over us.’” by Lizzie May via The Daily Mail Psychic Baba Vanga, who died 25 years ago aged 84, predicted that Russia was to ‘dominate the world’ in an interview with writer Valentin Sidorov in 1979 A blind psychic who correctly predicted the … Continue reading

A Buddhist Monk Predicted Pandemic and Floods for 2020 Over 100 Years Ago!

By guest writer Carol Dunton BENDEDREALITY.COM – April 2020 One hundred years ago, a Buddhist monk from the Forbidden City, named Zigong, had a strange vision: that a pandemic would destroy our planet. Now, the text describing them is being handed down from hand to hand by Chinese citizens, mostly to citizens living abroad, as these prophecies are forbidden by … Continue reading

Al Bielek future map US
Time Traveler Reveals Post Catastrophe Map of the United States

Al Bielek was born in 1927. While working for various military contractors, the people who worked with him began to reveal the truth about the US government’s involvement with extraterrestrials and PSYOPS (Psychological Operations) programs. Strange things started to happen to him soon afterwards. Recruited into the “Montauk Project,” Bielek said he worked his normal day job in California, and … Continue reading

Christian Numerologists Claims Bible Verse ‘Proves’ Solar Eclipse Was a Sign, World to End September 23

A VERSE in the Bible proves that the end of the world is nigh on September 23, Christians have shockingly claimed. The quote, which allegedly has a code that matches with events from the eclipse onwards, is found in Luke 21: 25 to 26. Christian numerologists claims the Bible numbers match with August 21, the date of the Great American … Continue reading

red dwarf sun red star kachina
Strange ‘Red Dwarf Like’ Object Resembling the Red Star Kachina Captured Next to the Sun

Nibiru/Planet X system? Ufosightingshotspot reports: Exceptional images have been captured on camera by Becky Lewis of what appears to match to what NASA identifies as ‘Red Dwarf’ w/exomoons. A red dwarf star emits extremely powerful cosmic wave which hampers the heliosphere (Sun) and magnetosphere (Earth) and it is said that this leads to current geological upheavals. But is it really … Continue reading

rev 12 signs in heaven US solar eclipse
Planetary Alignment, US Solar Eclipse, Revelation 12 – Signs in the Heavens

In this Dahboo77 takes a look at the coming events that we will see in 2017. He starts with the extremely rare US solar eclipse on August 21, he then takes a look at the alignment of stars on September 23, 2017 and its possible connection to Revelation 12. See first video. The Great American Eclipse occurs in the exact … Continue reading

red dragon of revelation
Did Google Sky Intentionally Black Out an Area in Space that Revealed The ‘Red Dragon of Revelation’?

The image of this area was blacked out by Google Sky as you can see in the video. Once this area was revealed on Sky View, It shows a pretty wild image. But the question remains, why would they want to black out this out on Google Sky? What is even more interesting it that it appears between the legs … Continue reading

remote viewing natural event ISS space event
Remote Viewers Foretell of Natural Disaster and Space Event Related to the International Space Station

Remote viewing (RV) is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target, purportedly using extrasensory perception (ESP) or “sensing with mind.” It is used to transfer perceptual information across time and space. It is clear that remote viewing works in complete violation of the accepted “laws” of quantum and relativistic physics. The scientific understanding of the remote-viewing … Continue reading

Edgar Cayce, the Other Nostradamus

He predicted WWII, the deaths of U.S. presidents, and the turmoil of the 1960s. He prophesied that Israel would become a state 15 years before the event and foretold the Great Depression. Many of his visions seemed to pass unfulfilled, but are now being proven accurate. His name is Edgar Cayce, and he is sometimes called the other Nostradamus. Throughout … Continue reading

Nostradamus: 5 Alarming Predictions for 2016

It is believed that several prophecies made by Nostradamus came true in the past. According to Prophecies of Nostradamus, several things will happen in 2016. According to history, Nostradamus began having ‘visions’ at a relatively early age, and later on, he would stare into a bowl of water, and after some time, he would start ‘receiving’ visions of the future. … Continue reading

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