Avi Loeb’s Expedition Finds Potentially Alien ‘Metallic Spherules’ on Ocean Floor

“…theoretical physicist Avi Loeb has been heading up an expedition to search for evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence at the bottom of the Pacific.” by T.K. Randall via Unexplained-Mysteries These tiny metallic spherules were found during the search for the remains of IM1 – the first recognized interstellar meteorite. For some time now, Harvard astronomer and theoretical physicist Avi Loeb has … Continue reading

Elon Musk Warns That SpaceX Continues to Discover Something Strange!

Can you imagine that there are UFOs around the Earth all the time and we don’t get to hear about it? – Almost nothing: because the cameras of SpaceX flights keep proving that there are a frightening number of objects in Earth orbit that no one can identify! No other name is currently so brought into contact with extraterrestrials as … Continue reading

Unsolved Alien Mysteries of Space

Is there life beyond our planet? This riveting video dives into some of the most unsolved alien mysteries of space. From the eerie and inexplicable phenomenon of crop circles to the controversial Roswell incident, our team of experts examines the evidence and theories surrounding some of the most enigmatic and baffling extraterrestrial encounters. Get ready for a mind-bending journey that … Continue reading

One of the Building Blocks of Life Has Been Found in the Ocean of Enceladus

“We previously found that Enceladus’ ocean is rich in a variety of organic compounds,…” By T.K. Randall via unexplained-mysteries Scientists have discovered evidence of phosphorous in data previously collected by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. Often regarded as one of the most promising places to look for signs of extraterrestrial life, Enceladus, which is thought to be home to a vast ocean … Continue reading

Did Scientists Just Discover How The Earth Will End?

This video takes a closer look at the end of the world! The REAL end of the world, as predicted by science! Because nothing lasts forever, not even Earth… so THIS is what awaits our planet when time runs out! Unveiled YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING Start the discussion, leave a comment … Continue reading

Recovered UFO ‘Distorted Space and Time,’ Leaving One Investigator ‘Nauseous and Disoriented’

“‘The problem is that the people who have those kinds of clearances are part of the people who’ve been concealing it for 75 years.’” by John Boswell via Daily Mail A crashed UFO recovered by the US military ‘distorted space-time’ and was ‘bigger on the inside’, claims a top attorney involved in bringing UFO whistleblowers to Congress. Daniel Sheehan says … Continue reading

Astronaut Scott Kelly Describes His ‘UFO’ Experience

“…several famous faces – including Apollo astronauts Ed Mitchell and Buzz Aldrin – have reported sightings of strange objects during their careers.” by T.K. Randall Unexplained-Mysteries Image: Astronaut Scott Kelly – Credit: NASA / Robert Markowitz The retired NASA astronaut is certainly no stranger to outer space having spent a staggering 8,100 consecutive hours there. Astronauts and UFO stories often … Continue reading

moon_alines on moon_EM_JM_main
Are there Aliens on the Moon? Scary Events that Happened During Space Exploration

Is there life beyond Earth? The possibility of extraterrestrial life has fascinated humans for decades. This video explore the mysteries surrounding the moon and potential evidence of alien activity. From strange lights to unexplained sightings, we delve into the scary events that have occurred during space exploration. Extreme Mysteries YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING … Continue reading

China Plans Manned Moon Mission by End of Decade

Earlier this year, NASA administrator Bill Nelson described Washington and Beijing as entering a “space race” after the US announced plans to put American astronauts back on the Moon in 2025. via RT China is planning to send astronauts to the Moon by 2030, Lin Xiqiang, deputy director of the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA), announced on Monday. He added … Continue reading

Aliens & Espionage: Crop Circles and the CIA Coverup | They Don’t Want You to Know

In 1974 a group of scientists beamed a message into space. The message, meant to be received by an intelligent alien species, described life on Earth. Written in simple binary code, and using the most powerful radio telescope on the planet, the message was broadcast to a dense cluster of stars in the constellation of Hercules. This exercise was just … Continue reading

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