Did a 9th Planet Our ‘Escape’ our Solar System Billions of Years Ago ?

Headline image caption & credit: Our solar system may have once had at least one additional planet. Image Credit: NASA via unexplained-mysteries: Scientists have found evidence to suggest that another world once existed between Uranus and Saturn. While much of the effort involved in tracking down the rumored ‘Planet Nine’ has focused on exploring the outer reaches of our solar … Continue reading

Unusual Deep Space Signals in Antarctica May Indicate Existence of Parallel Universe

Stephen Ornes via Astronomy Last spring, a report from the world’s largest neutrino telescope — a sprawling grid of detectors woven into Antarctica’s ice — coincided with a blaze of hyperbolic headlines. They teased the possibility of an anti-universe where, from our point of view, time runs backward and the Big Bang represents an end, not a beginning. While it’s … Continue reading

Radiation from Big Bang Translated into Binary to See if There’s a Message from “The Creator”

James Felton IFL Science Back in 2006, in a piece published in Modern Physics Letters, two physicists proposed that if a “Creator” of the universe exists, and they were the kind of creator that felt like leaving a message for intelligent beings to eventually discover, then the cosmic microwave background would be a “stupendous” place to place it. Now, an … Continue reading

Rogue Earth Video
Rogue Earth – What If Earth Was Ejected from the Solar System?

The night sky seems peaceful and orderly. But in reality, stars are careening through the galaxy at speeds of hundreds of thousands of kilometers per hour. Not bound by static formations but changing neighbourhoods constantly. Fortunately space is big, and so the stars of the Milky Way are very unlikely to hit us. Unfortunately, they don’t have to hit anything … Continue reading

Unknown Space Object Skimmed Past Earth and Scientists Still Don’t Know What it is

A slow-moving object of unknown origin just completed an extremely close flyby of our planet, before heading back out into the solar system. And the mysterious space material is expected to return in March. The strange ‘minimoon’ – which is officially dubbed 2020 SO – has been the subject of speculation ever since it was discovered by the Pan-STARRS survey … Continue reading

Amateur Astronomer Alberto Caballero May Have Found Source of Wow! Signal

This is an incredible development. This study suggests the source of the ‘WOW! signal’ may have come from a planet similar to Earth circling its own sun-like star! Bob Yirka via Amateur astronomer and YouTuber Alberto Caballero, one of the founders of The Exoplanets Channel, has found a small amount of evidence for a source of the notorious Wow! … Continue reading

Earth 2,000 Light Years CLOSER to Supermassive Black Hole & Moving FASTER than Previously Thought

I wonder if this newly discovered information means that we (Earth and our solar system) will be sucked into the black hole before the death of our Sun. via RT: As if 2020 wasn’t ‘unprecedented’ enough, astronomers have learned that Earth is actually 2,000 light years closer to the Sagittarius A* supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky … Continue reading

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Our Galaxy has 300 Million Potentially Habitable Planets

Headline Image caption & credit: The Earth is certainly not alone in the cosmos. NASA Ames / W Stenzel A new NASA study has revealed just how many potentially habitable worlds there are in our galaxy. As things stand, the Earth is the only known example of a habitable world in the entire universe – even the other planets in … Continue reading

Study Examines Surprising Similarities Between the Human Brain and the Universe

Headline image caption and credit: Left: section of cerebellum, with magnification factor 40x, obtained with electron microscopy (Dr. E. Zunarelli, University Hospital of Modena); right: section of a cosmological simulation, with an extension of 300 million light-years on each side (Vazza et al. 2019 A&A). Credit: University of Bologna An astrophysicist at the University of Bologna and a neurosurgeon at … Continue reading

Planetary Defenses MISSED Asteroid Flyby that Came within 400km of Earth on Friday 13th

A disturbing new record for the closest asteroid flyby of the Earth has been set, after a space rock named 2020 VT4 came within 400 kilometers (250 miles) of the planet on Friday the 13th. And our planetary defenses missed it. The asteroid was spotted by the Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System (ATLAS) survey at the Mauna Loa Observatory in … Continue reading