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NASA is About to Broadcast a Message to the Universe, Should They?

“Scientists are planning to beam a radio message into deep space with detailed information on human life that had the late Stephen Hawking worried.” by JAZZ SHAW via hotair Image by ELG21 from Pixabay Anyone who has ever watched the movie Contact is probably familiar with SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and similar scientific endeavors over the past century. … Continue reading

Almost Entire World Population Breathing Substandard Air – WHO

“The WHO revised its standard for air pollution last year to emphasize the urgency for more government action on the issue.” via RT Image: © AFP / Fabrice COFFRINI The UN body tasked with advising governments on global public health challenges updated its air-pollution database on Monday for the first time since 2018. According to the new information, 99% of … Continue reading

Nearby Star Could Explain Why Our Sun Didn’t Have Sunspots for 70 Years

“Astronomers have been documenting changes in starspot frequency on our sun since they were first observed by Galileo and other astronomers in the 1600s, so there is a good record of its 11-year cycle. The exception is the Maunder minimum, which lasted from the mid 1600s to early 1700s and has perplexed astronomers ever since.” by Gail McCormick, Pennsylvania State … Continue reading

In a World-First, Researchers Record the Brain Waves of a Dying Patient

“Even as humanity strives to learn more about the death of stars, there is a lot that we do not know about our deaths.” By Ameya Paleja via Interesting Engineering Image: chaikom/iStock Does the brain replay our best memories? Our brains are pretty active and coordinated even as the body meets its demise. Researchers captured brainwaves during an individual’s death … Continue reading

How Realistic is the Prospect of a ‘Quantum Apocalypse’?

“The complexity of quantum computers could make them much faster at certain tasks, allowing them to solve problems that remain practically impossible for modern machines – including breaking many of the encryption algorithms currently used to protect sensitive data such as personal, trade and state secrets.” By Norman Lewis via RT Image: © Getty Images / Pobytov A new generation … Continue reading

NASA Warns Huge Asteroids Could be Heading for Earth Totally UNDETECTED

“A blind spot in the sky means huge asteroids could be heading towards Earth undetected” by Olivia Burke via The-sun Headline Image: Science Photo Library – ANDRZEJ WOJCICKI | Getty Images NASA have warned huge asteroids could be heading for Earth totally undetected due to a blind spot in the sky. Astronomers funded by the US space agency have found … Continue reading

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Mysterious Real Gates to Other Worlds!

“Over the countless years that humanity has roamed the earth, there have been rumors, myths, and legends about gateways that may lead us to another world. Today, we haven’t found any evidence that these gateways exist. However, in ancient times, it seems like gateways like this were fairly common.” Let’s look at several of these mysterious portals that, according to … Continue reading

5 Mysterious Cases of Travelers from Other Dimensions

“Parallel universes have long been speculated to exist. Self-contained realities that coexist with our own, they are described as occupying the same space, but within a different plane of existence – a different dimension. At the extreme end of belief in a multiverse, it is suggested that travel between parallel universes is not merely possible, but has been achieved and … Continue reading

Space Colonists Likely to Resort to Cannibalism, Scientists Warn

“Cockell noted that humans can degenerate very quickly when under severe conditions, and so if things were to go wrong on a space colony, people could turn to eating each other.” via RT Headline image credit: dcmp – Space Colonies Two scientists have suggested there is a very real possibility the first space colonists may turn to cannibalism, noting that … Continue reading

A Computer Predicted The World Will End In 2040 – Will It Happen?

“When the terrifying results of the World One program (commissioned by the Club of Rome) were made public, did we listen? In this video, Unveiled takes a closer look at how a computer predicted the end of the world by the year 2040… and at how, so far, human civilisation has matched everything it said would happen! What do you … Continue reading

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