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By staff writer Patrick C. BENDEDREALITY.COM – January 2017 “Infrasound, and the frequencies produced, might be a “physical mechanism” for thinning the veil between dimensions, or opening a doorway.” INFRASOUND – sound waves that vibrate just below the range of human hearing, it has been dubbed the “fear frequency.” Exposure to infrasound has been demonstrated to effect recipients with symptoms … Continue reading

The Three Suns (The Sun, A Universal Deity)

BENDEDREALITY.COM Submitted by Patrick C – December 2016 An occult fact, known to the ancients, that our Solar System is home to not one, but three Suns. A recent video posted on the forum, sparked a memory of a paper I once read that documents some of this knowledge, along with description’s of their inhabitants. Here is the paper … Continue reading

Two Suns Theory, Kali Yuga Cycle Completes 2025

By staff writer Patrick C. BENDEDREALITY.COM – November 2016 The Yuga Cycle doctrine tells us that we are now living in the Kali Yuga; the age of darkness, when moral virtue and mental capabilities reach their lowest point in the cycle. The Indian epic The Mahabharata describes the Kali Yuga as the period when the “World Soul” is Black in … Continue reading

Wikileaks – Vatican, Russia & Karmic Payback

By staff writer Patrick C. BENDEDREALITY.COM – November 2016 This latest batch of emails reveals more about the nonviolent ETI’s (Extraterrestrial Intelligence) vs Celestials (higher in rank than discarnate spirits, but only reflect or mirror the violence that exists on Earth), and a quite pointed statement: “Disclosure is now top priority for ETI itself in protection of the people” Other … Continue reading

War in Space – Army Space and Missile Command Suicides

By staff writer Patrick C. BENDEDREALITY.COM – October 2016 I’ve written several articles as of late covering the War in Space, revealed by Wikileaks emails between former Astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s representatives and John Podesta. During the research and writing of this article my house was overflown by a black double prop military helicopter, very low and slow. I didn’t get … Continue reading

Negative Celestials Being Restrained by Non-Violent ETI’s

By staff writer Patrick C. BENDEDREALITY.COM – October 2016 This latest Wikileaks email provides additional insight into the reasons behind former Astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s desperate request for a meeting with John Podesta, see previous Wikileak articles including the War in Space. Stressing the urgency to communicate the differences between celestials (position in or relating to the sky) in our own … Continue reading

Wikileaks Reveals – Fastwalkers & the UFO Base off Florida

By staff writer Patrick C. BENDEDREALITY.COM – October 2016 The latest batch of emails from John Podesta’s Wikileaks reveals discussions on “Fastwalkers” and a Hazard Support System to aid in identification, a UFO base off the coast of Florida, mentions of Hillary Clinton’s recent disclosure statements, a job recommendation for John Podesta’s “UFO Project”, and amnesty recommendation for government officials … Continue reading

Project FIRESIGN Planned for November Elections: God-Sized Walkers, Wheels of Fire

By staff writer Patrick C. BENDEDREALITY.COM – October 2016 ANONYMOUS just released a leaked document uncovering the Hillary Clinton for President’s contingency plan to ensure victory in this Novembers Election, discussing the risks and issues of various False Flag Staged Events. The report, called “Salvage Program”, shows that conventional psychological warfare has not produced substantial results. And recommends Salvage Program … Continue reading

Podesta Wikileaks – More UFO Discussion Emails

By staff writer Patrick C. BENDEDREALITY.COM – October 2016 It is clear that John Podesta is very interested and involved with the UFO community. Below are more emails mentioning UFOs and disclosure. The lack of official disclosure is telling and troubling to say the least. Sekret Machines Qs From:[email protected] To: [email protected] Date: 2015-07-19 19:38 Subject: Sekret Machines Qs Just got … Continue reading

Wikileaks 11 – Podesta Sees The Need For Updated ET Disclosure Policy

By staff writer Patrick C. BENDEDREALITY.COM – October 2016 WikiLeaks 11 exposes US Government outdated policy regarding UFO disclosure. More information has just been released regarding John Podesta’s meeting with former Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell outlining the case for Disclosure back in 2014. Excerpt from Dr. Edgar Mitchell – Fifty years ago Battelle, Brookings and RAND studies on UFOs convinced … Continue reading

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