The Neanderthal's brain was bigger than yours is.
‘Giant Meteoroid’ Will Obliterate Earth in 28th Century, ‘Time Traveler’ Claims

The author of one of the latest doomsday predictions has claimed that humanity will escape Earth’s destruction by colonizing Mars. Apocalyptic predictions are hardly anything new, with doomsayers in various corners of the globe making claims about the impending end of the world since times immemorial. Yet while at least some of these seem to sincerely believe in their prophecies, … Continue reading

Data From US Space Command Suggests Interstellar Object Reached Earth Years Ago – Media

“…the meteor exploded in the sky near Papua New Guinea back in January 2014, and it is possible that it “sprinkled interstellar debris” into the ocean.” by Andrei Dargalin via Sputniknews photo credit: Wikimedia Commons The meteor exploded in the sky near Papua New Guinea in 2014, and possibly ended up depositing “interstellar debris” in the ocean. Material originating from … Continue reading

Virginia Fireball_Sept_2021
NASA Says ‘Boom’ and Shaking in Virginia was a Fireball

“NASA says this was a fireball exploding in the sky. Power outages were also reported in Hardy County.” via Numerous reports came in all across the Harrisonburg, Virginia, area Friday morning of a “boom” and ground shaking. NASA says this was a fireball exploding in the sky. Power outages were also reported in Hardy County. Initial reports came in … Continue reading

Residents Witness Meteor Fireball over North Texas, Boom also Reported

via NBC5 Dallas-Fort Worth North Texas residents took to social media Sunday night to discuss and share videos of a flash streaking across the sky. Many people across Dallas-Fort Worth noted they saw a brilliant fireball about 8:57 p.m. Sunday. In fact, it was seen as far south as Austin, as far north as Oklahoma and as far east as … Continue reading

Two Bright Meteor Fireballs Seen Hours Apart over Idaho

Note, that is not the sun behind the clouds in the headline image, nor is it daytime! Video of a meteor ‘exploding’ over Idaho which was also seen over ID, MT, OR, UT, WA and WY on Sunday, July 4th 2021 around 04:45 UT was uploaded to the AMS website. Credit: Korri Anderson. And hours earlier, another ‘exploding’ meteor fireball … Continue reading

Meteor Florida May 2021
Meteor Fireball Captured on Deputy’s Dashcam in Florida

By Katelyn Massarelli via A Collier County deputy captured a unique phenomenon on her dashcam while out on patrol this week. Cpl. Nicole Medenwald saw a meteor, and rather than savor the memory, she got to review the proof! The Collier County Sheriff’s Office said she had just come from conducting a traffic stop. She repositioned her patrol car … Continue reading

Meteor Florida April 2021
‘What is that in the Sky?’ Floridians Witness Meteor Fireball’s Close Brush with Earth

by JACLYN DIAZ via It wasn’t a bird or a plane that gave Floridians a shock late Monday night. It wasn’t even Superman. A meteor shot across the sky around 10 p.m. Monday. On social media, residents along the state’s Atlantic coast, from West Palm Beach south to Miami, shared videos on Twitter of the surprising sight. Dashcam footage … Continue reading

meteor etna-volcano-italy
Meteorite or UFO Plunging into Etna Volcano?

An unidentified object appears to plunge into the Etna volcano on this recording on March 31, 2021. As many already know this would not be the first time that a UFO was seen (recorded) flying into a volcano, as has happened many times in Mexico before, though this time it looks to be a meteorite, not a UFO, passing the … Continue reading

Meteor Fireball Indonesia Mar 20201
Large Meteor Fireball Turns Night into Day over Indonesia

A bright meteor has lit up the sky in Sulawesi, Indonesia on 16 March 2021 at 9:20 PM. Videos from the event show a bright fireball streaking across Pagimana District, Banggai Regency, Central Sulawesi lighting the dark sky. Residents of Gorontalo Province who saw the meteor said that they heard a loud boom sound when the meteor lights up the … Continue reading

Bright Meteor Fireball Flashes across Sky over Alberta, Canada

By Wallis Snowdon via: Headline Image: © Lea Storry/Twitter A fireball buzzed over the Prairies on Monday, temporarily piercing the dark of the early morning sky with a flash of blinding blue light. The meteor darted across the sky around 6:30 a.m. MT, startling early risers who were lucky to catch a glimpse of the sudden glow. The light … Continue reading

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The Neanderthal's brain was bigger than yours is.