Exploding Meteor is Source of Coronavirus Says Scientist

Scientist makes intriguing claim regarding the origin and spread of the coronavirus (Covid19) By Ian Randall via DailyMail: A scientist who believes coronavirus came from space by meteor now says prevailing winds are spreading the disease to the hardest-hit countries. Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe of the Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology has alleged that the meteor that exploded over China in October … Continue reading

Meteorite_Russia Feb2020
Falling Meteor Fireball Caught on Camera over Russia

The natural phenomenon occurred at 4:35 local time and lasted for about six seconds. A falling meteor was caught on a CCTV camera in the Segezhsky district of the Russian Republic of Karelia. The footage shows a meteor falling at a high speed in the skies above a populated area before a bright flash occurs. The fall of the meteor … Continue reading

SoCal Firevall Jan2020
Apparent Meteor Seen on Video Flashes across Southern California Night Sky

Residents in Southern California were treated to a bright sight Wednesday night, prompting many to take to social media. An apparent meteor flashed over the region and was caught on camera. On social media, residents took video of the large bright light resembling a meteor as it flashed across the night sky. Video from a person in San Diego showed … Continue reading

Meteor Lebanon Jan 2020
Meteor Fireball Lights up Sky over Sannine, Lebanon

On January 21, 2020 Nizar Samir Al Murr was traveling through the snowy roads of Mount Sannine in Lebanon when his car camera recorded the moment a falling meteor streaked over head. Nizar said, “One of the best biggest meteors ever recorded on video!!!” The event was witnessed by others too but perhaps not many were lucky enough to record … Continue reading

MeteorFireball Cornwall UK-Jan2020
Huge Meteor Fireball Spotted in over Cornwall, UK

A huge fireball has been spotted in the skies over north Cornwall and the video is a must-watch! Chris Small from Ocean and Earth Photography managed to catch the phenomenon on camera at Bude. Now the photographer has released this incredible timelapse video. If you watch one video all day – make it this one! “An enormous fireball explodes through … Continue reading

Meteor Fireball Florida Jan2020
Meteor Fireball Recorded over Sarasota, Florida

Dozens of people, including ABC7′s Chief Meteorologist Bob Harrigan, saw an apparent meteor last night. Shortly before midnight on Thursday, January 16, Gail tells ABC7 she saw a huge fireball streak across the sky. She was watching TV, facing her backdoor, when she saw what looked like a comet with a tail going horizontally through the sky. She says, “It … Continue reading

Meteorite Puerto Rico Jan2020
Add Daytime Meteor Fireball to Hurricane and Earthquake Events in Puerto Rico

It must feel like the end times are near! via sputniknews The US territory has been jolted by a series of powerful tremors since the beginning of this year. The island has also been recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Maria that ravaged the territory in 2017. Citizens of Puerto Rico have taken to social media platforms to share photos … Continue reading

Meteor Suspected to Have Caused Loud Boom, Flash of Light in Saratoga County, New York

As many people search for answers after hearing a loud explosion accompanied by a green flash in the sky, Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo said he now believes it may have been a meteor. “It sounds exactly like a fireball report. They can surprise people. We can’t always predict them,” said Dr. Valerie Rapson, director of the Dudley Observatory at … Continue reading

Doorbell Camera Captures Streaking Meteor Fireball over Saskatoon, Canada

A Saskatoon man got quite the sight this weekend. Adam Frank spotted a meteor blazing across the night sky late Saturday night. His doorbell camera also caught the spectacle from the front of his Hampton Village home. Sky-watchers will want to keep their eyes peeled for the next few nights, as we are in the midst of the Quadrantids meteor … Continue reading

Sonoma Boom Nov 2019
Sonoma Valley, California Residents Look to Skies for Answer Following Loud Booms

People all over Sonoma County looked up at about 7:40 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 21, when a brief series of “booms” rolled across the valleys. But there was no glow in the sky, the stars were visible in the cloudless sky. Was it thunder? Or was it a meteor? It may be no coincidence that the sound corresponded to a … Continue reading

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