Scientist’s Acknowledge Planet X “Can Kill ALL Life on Earth” (VIDEO)

Every new generation of scientists seems to “re”-discover the elusive “Planet X”, only for their discovery to be brushed under the rug for reasons of “national security”. As of late though, numerous scientific journals, feature filmmakers, and now even the highly respected “Weather Channel“, have all made recent announcements of the REAL POSSIBILITY that a dangerous heavenly intruder, only visible … Continue reading

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Effects on You from Planet X – By Doomsday Dave

By Staff Writer Doomsday I am hoping what I write will help you deal with the potential affect on you from Planet X whether directly or indirectly. I know everyone including myself wants to know the truth and you are probably at the point of confusion as to what is true and what is false, especially when there is … Continue reading

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Planet X Effects – Doomsday Dave
Doomsday Dave Report’s – Vol. 2

By Staff Writer Doomsday Dave The earths weather is changing I see that Dallas Texas is getting hit by a deadly tornado with eight people left dead, I can’t believe how severe this weather is getting with homes ripped a part.  They say it is a huge weather system blasting through the southern states, even storm chasers say that … Continue reading

Planet X Signs — Update No. 4

Sourced From – Original Publication Date: Dec. 12, 2015 Since our last article on July 3, 2015, we continue to see increasing earth changes due to the advancing Planet X System flyby. Meanwhile, the U.S. mainstream media continues to downplay earth change events around the world. Fortunately for those in awareness there are independent sources available with superior coverage … Continue reading

David Bowie’s New Album May Contain Coded Warning of Coming Apocalypse – Nibiru

Doomsdayers are convinced the new release is a coded message telling us Earth is heading for a cosmic crash or catastrophic near miss with the fabled Planet X or Nibiru. The impact has been prophesied for decades but a growing number of respected scientists are starting to believe our Solar System may contain another undiscovered planet – possibly a giant … Continue reading

Doomsday Dave Report’s – Vol. 1

The planets in our solar system are changing and something has to be causing this, some say it is the effect of Planet X, what do you think? We value your opinion and would love to hear what your thoughts are so leave a comment. The link below is all about our planets changing. Politics Do you really want … Continue reading

Crazy conspiracy claims Earth will be destroyed before the end of THIS year (Vote Within)

CONSPIRACY theorists claim to have snapped the first images of a huge mystery PLANET that believe will pass so close to Earth this month that it will ‘destroy all life on Earth’. Online doom-mongers believe a planet four times the size of gas giant Jupiter, which they think killed off the dinosaurs, is on course for a close-Earth pass before … Continue reading

Apocalyptic space scene with two colliding planets.
What is ‘Nibiru’ – and is it really going to crash into our planet in December?

Editors Note: The guy who wrote this article should say how he really feels LOL (sarcasm) In 1979, a NASA probe found a mysterious ‘extra’ planet in our solar system – which is set to collide with Earth and KILL US ALL in just eight weeks’ time. Except, of course, that it’s all bollocks. The mysterious extra planet Nibiru has no … Continue reading

What is Planet X / Nibiru / Nemesis / Wormwood

By Compton N What is Planet X? The intent of this article is to provide a definition of, and the concepts and origins of, Planet X which is also referred to by some as Nibiru as well as similarly related Hercolubus, Wormwood and Tyche. We will also cover Nemesis, the proposed but yet unverified companion star to our own … Continue reading

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