America’s Secret Space Program and the Alien Connection: Solar Warden

Gary McKinnon was obsessed with UFOs; and believed governments were covering up evidence that UFOs exist. In the year 2000, he decided to do a little digging. Gary was a computer expert so what better place to dig than on US government computers? What he found was so shocking that it sent the entire United States government into a full-blown … Continue reading

Prominent US Billionaire Forecasts New Economic World Order

The billionaire also predicted that the Chinese economy will overtake the US in size to become much more powerful. via RT Headline Image: © Getty Images / jcrosemann China is winning the economic competition against the United States, according to Ray Dalio, the founder of the world’s largest hedge-fund firm, Bridgewater Associates. When asked by the BBC on Thursday whether … Continue reading

Deadly Dust: US Spreading Radiation Across the Planet and No One Wants to Raise the Issue

In a new book named “Deadly Dust – Made in the USA: Uranium Weapons Contaminating the World” German author Frieder Wagner gives a detailed account of how the US has contaminated vast territories using depleted uranium (DU) ammunition and the cover-up strategy of the military, industry and governments, as well as those in the media and politics. Sputnik: Mr Wagner, … Continue reading

Report Reveals Switzerland & United States are the Top Two Corrupt Nations in the World

Well I must admit I would have never imagined Switzerland as the top of this list, or even ON the list for that matter, color me shocked! via RT: A new study from advocacy group Tax Justice Network reveals that Switzerland is the world’s most-corrupt country, with a “high secrecy score of 76.” It’s followed by the US and the … Continue reading

US has ‘No Defense’ Against Russian Cruise Missiles – STRATCOM Chief

NATO and the United States have “no defense” against land-based cruise missiles if Russia deploys them in any quantity, the chief of US Strategic Command told senators, arguing the US must respond to Russian threat “from the position of strength.” Appearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday to report on STRATCOM programs, Air Force General John E. Hyten … Continue reading

Russia Launches Anti-Satellite Weapon: A New Warfront in Space?

The Russian anti-satellite test is the latest in a series of five conducted by the Putin government. Once more, Russia has conducted a successful test of an anti-satellite weapon, Pentagon officials said Thursday. It was the fifth time the weapon, a PL-19 Nudol missile, had been tested. Some military analysts have expressed concern over the test, saying that it was … Continue reading

Media Blackout as White House Issues Executive Order Giving Broad Powers to ‘Global Health Security Agenda’

Media Blackout as White House Issues Executive Order Giving Broad Powers to ‘Global Health Security Agenda’ for Infectious Disease Threats While the eyes of the world are focused intently on the 2016 presidential election, the White House has made a dramatic, potentially game-changing move that has once again almost completely eluded the mainstream media — leading many to wonder what … Continue reading

Could Hillary STILL Become President? Loophole May See Clinton Sneak into White House

HILLARY Clinton could still become President of the United States because of a White House constitution loophole. Although the Democrat only secured 228 electoral votes compared to Trump’s 290, there is a chance the former Secretary of State could still get into power. According to the Constitution, even after the electorate has cast its vote, the decision is handed to … Continue reading

A Deadly, Drug-Resistant Fungus has Arrived in the US for the First Time

It’s a kind of yeast that drifts through hospitals, taking root in open wounds, and blood, and the nooks and crannies of people’s ears. It can weather all three major drugs doctors use to kill fungus. It’s almost impossible to distinguish from its less deadly cousins. And now, according to a CDC report, it’s arrived in the United States. Doctors … Continue reading

Wikileaks John Podesta War in Space, UFOs and the Elite – Part 1

By staff writer Patrick C. BENDEDREALITY.COM – October 2016 Wikileaks just dropped a bomb with its recently released John Podesta email dump, which by the way, only represents 1% of what will be released to the public before the November election. Some of the “conspiracy theories” confirmed by this release include: humanity has been in contact with “Cosmic Cultures”, a … Continue reading

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