The Hawaiian alphabet has 12 letters and one character.

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Potentially Hazardous Christmas Eve Asteroid Fly By Sparks Fears

A massive asteroid flying by Earth on 2015 Christmas Eve has scientists on edge. While NASA is downplaying the threat to human life and property, conspiracy theorists and several experts say space rock 2003 SD220 is larger than believed and has the potential to cause deadly earthquakes and eruptions from dormant volcanoes. According to a Sun report, the Christmas Eve asteroid … Continue reading

Saturn moon

On July 1, 2004, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft arrived at Saturn orbit seven years after launch from Earth in 1997. Over ten years after arriving at the majestic gas giant, Cassini has profoundly transformed our understanding of the planet’s dynamic atmosphere, rings and moons. Now the mission is entering the final stages of its prolific Saturnian odyssey and mission planners hope … Continue reading

Tiny Star Shoots Out Flares 10,000 Times Brighter Than the Sun’s

A small, cool star is emitting flares 10,000 times brighter than those ejected by the sun, a find that could be bad news for those hoping to find the galaxy filled with life. The star’s massive bursts of radiation, revealed in new research, could inhibit the evolution of life on planets orbiting the star, or at least severely disrupt it. … Continue reading

Copy of Learning Robot
When Machines Learn Like Humans –“Our Last Great Invention?

People learning new concepts can often generalize successfully from just a single example, yet machine learning algorithms typically require tens or hundreds of examples to perform with similar accuracy. People can also use learned concepts in richer ways than conventional algorithms—for action, imagination, and explanation. Researchers have created a computer model that captures humans’ unique ability to learn new concepts … Continue reading

Ceres spot is salt
New HD Video: Ceres’ Strange ‘Bright Spots’ Found To Be ‘Salt Deposits’, According To NASA

Taken by the frame camera on board the spacecraft, some 2,700 miles (4,400 km) away during a flyover, the photographs depict large deposits of hydrated magnesium sulfates. Known as Epsom salt on Earth, the deposit is widely utilized in many beauty, household and gardening-related uses. The video was released by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory to illustrate two studies, one by … Continue reading

Artist’s illustrations of the normal, relatively quiet sun (left) and a potential superflare erupting from our star (right).
Sun Could Unleash Devastating ‘Superflare’

The sun is capable of firing off an incredibly powerful superflare that could wreak havoc on Earth’s technology-dependent society, a new study suggests. The same basic processes drive the “normal” flares of high-energy radiation emitted by the sun and superflares blasted out by faraway stars, which can be thousands of times more powerful, researchers found. This result “supports the hypothesis … Continue reading

An Asteroid Is Speeding Toward Earth, It Is Expected on Christmas Eve

A dangerous asteroid is headed towards the Earth. This enormous asteroid could be the cause of earthquakes or volcano eruptions right on the Christmas Eve. The 1.5-miles wide mega space rock known as 2003 SD220 is on a NASA list of “high priority” asteroids for close observation because of the potential threat to the planet. A direct hit from the … Continue reading

A former NASA employee claims: I’ve seen people walking on Mars

Many people who used to work for NASA revealed that NASA is trying to hide many thing from the general public. Based on the confession of a former NASA employee, people were seen walking on Mars. According to statements from a former NASA employee, there were secret manned mission to Mars over 20 years ago. According to the women who … Continue reading

Scientists claim: Man was created by cross-breeding Denisovans, Neanderthals and unknown species

A theory on the origin of men was brought into light by researchers at the Royal Society in London. According to their theory on the origin of men,men were created by cross-breeding Neanderthals and Denisovans with predecessors of modern humans. This research also revealed that similar interbreeding between species is not such an uncommon occurrence. Scientists still have to identify one of … Continue reading

Freakishly huge brains

There it was, sitting on the mantelpiece, staring at her with hollow eyes and a naked grin. She could not stop staring back. It looked distinctly like the fossilized skull of an extinct baboon. That was the sort of thing Josephine Salmons was likely to know. At the time—1924—she was one of the only female students of anatomy attending the … Continue reading

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The Hawaiian alphabet has 12 letters and one character.