Technological Aliens Once Inhabited Solar System, Prof Claims

A prior indigenous technological species might have arisen on ancient Earth or another body, such as a pre-greenhouse Venus or a wet Mars. That’s the focus of a paper by Penn State University’s Dr. Jason T. Wright, an associate professor in astronomy and astrophysics. Published this week in arXic, “Prior Indigenous Technological Species” is based on Wright’s idea that an … Continue reading

Lost City of the Wichita Nation Found in Kansas

The Spaniards were amazed by the size of Etzanoa. They counted 2,000 houses that could hold 10 people each. They said it would take two or three days to walk through it all. Etzanoa? Unless you’re up on early North American history and the Spanish conquest, you may not have heard of the lost city of Etzanoa, which was believed … Continue reading

Middle White piglet, 3 weeks old, lying down
Pork Producer Getting Ready for Pig-Human Organ Transplants

The recent announcement that researchers at the Salk Institute in California had created an embryo which contains both human and pig cells generated reactions of shock, caused many to question the ethics of the scientists and prompted a few to wonder how soon someone would figure out a way to make money from it or some similar pig-man (and possibly … Continue reading

The Four Biggest Volcanoes in Iceland are Getting Ready to Erupt

While most of the world is watching Washington DC for the next major earth-rattling eruption, someone needs to keep an eye on Iceland, where all four of its major volcanoes are exhibiting signs of potential real eruptions of the global winter kind. Seismic activity tells us we need to be more vigilant than usual but not much more than that … Continue reading

One in Five People Can Hear Flashes of Light

Did you see that? Did you hear that? Did you see AND hear that? If you answered “yes” to all three of those questions when exposed to a flash of light, you’re one of a little over 20 percent of all humans with a form of synesthesia that allows them to hear faint sounds when seeing flashes of light or … Continue reading

The Sun May Be Busting Asteroids into Tiny Pieces

While NASA struggles to find ways to destroy asteroids and meteors before they crash into the Earth, the Sun is doing its part by ripping asteroids apart at their cosmic seams and casting their tiny pieces into the solar wind. Should NASA try bumping space objects into a tight solar orbit so they get bumped off by the Sun? Here’s … Continue reading

Mysterious Sonic Booms Are Being Heard on the Moon

A sonic boom is heard when the shock waves created by an aircraft, a meteor or some other object traveling through the air at a speed faster than the speed of sound reach a human ear or some other listening device. A new study has found that there are sonic booms being generated on the Moon right now. Lots of … Continue reading

Giant Galaxy Orbiting Milky Way Appears Out of Nowhere

While everyone with a telescope and a desire to be famous is busy trying to be the first to discover Planet X or Planet Nine or Nibiru, a giant galaxy somehow snuck into orbit around our own Milky Way galaxy. Shouldn’t someone be fired or at least demoted to Junior Astronomer in Charge of Watching That Spot on Jupiter? Seriously, … Continue reading

Moon Vacation Soon, For Just $10,000

Are you ready to take a vacation excursion to the Moon? Can you afford ten grand (US) – with easy low monthly payments of just $83.33 per month? By the time you pay for it, the founder of a company called Moon Express says it will be offering round trips for $10,000. At those prices, Buzz Aldrin may want to … Continue reading

Massive Crack in Earth’s Magnetic Shield Detected

If you’re looking for something to take your mind off of the presidential election, this might do the trick. A giant crack has been discovered in the Earth’s magnetosphere – our first line of defense against those pesky cosmic rays that bring down electrical power grids, mess up global positioning systems, garble communications and make your skin look like the … Continue reading

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