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Giant Meteor Norway Nov 2020
Giant Green Meteor Fireball Lights up Night Sky over Norway

A meteor camera captured a giant green fireball shooting across the night sky of Larvik, Norway, on November 7. Sveinung Vegum’s camera captured the moment the fireball approached from afar before falling on the horizon. Local media in Norway reported the fireball had fallen over Sweden. Norwegian Meteor Network said it received close to 100 reports of a powerful fireball … Continue reading

meteor fireball mexico 0ct 2020
Meteor Fireball Lights up Sky and Rains Fire on Northern Mexico

Residents across northeastern Mexico were stunned when a green-hued fireball lit up the night sky on Tuesday. Authorities reported that the fiery debris caused localised bushfires in the vicinity. Reports came flooding in from across the northern state of Nuevo Leon after the suspected meteorite streaked across the sky at approximately 22:14 local time on Tuesday night. Eyewitness and doorbell … Continue reading

Unexplained Boom Main
Loud, Ground Shaking Boom Reported across Escambia County, Florida

The sounds of an explosion or rattling and shaking were heard or felt across part of Escambia County Saturday afternoon, and so far no one seems to know why. Beginning about 2 p.m., was flooded with over 600 messages and comments from people reporting the incident, and Escambia County 911 also received numerous calls. A majority of the comments … Continue reading

bolide brazil oct 2020
Superbolide over Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Momentarily Turns Night into Day

A superbolide was recorded in Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina states by the cameras of BRAMON, Clima ao Vivo and Heller & Jung Observatory in the early morning hours of October 1st, 2020. Check out the video: A superbolide is a super luminous meteor that shines brighter than the full moon. In the case of this one registered … Continue reading

Meteor Fireball US Sept 2020
Hundreds Report Bright Meteor Fireball over Eastern US

Sarah Brookbank Cincinnati Enquirer A streak of bright light, described as a meteor, was sighted in parts of the United States Wednesday morning, according to Twitter users. The astronomical event was sighted in Cincinnati and in Kentucky. Twitter users reported the sighting before 6:30 a.m. Many users said it appeared blue or green, then turned orange before it burned out. … Continue reading

Meteor Fireball Booms over California – ”That Was a Close Call’

A huge meteor streaked in the skies above California, leaving onlookers stunned with one claiming it was “a close call”. Residents of California were stunned when a bright fireball boomed above them, producing stunning green colours. The meteor hit Earth’s atmosphere on Sunday, September 6, above California, with dozens reporting the sighting. Some Californians claimed it to be the best … Continue reading

Giant Holes are Opening up in Siberian Permafrost Again

A phenomenon that made headlines back in 2014 has resurfaced in the form of a new 164-foot crater in Siberia. Six years ago, Siberia found itself at the center of a long-running mystery as several large craters, which looked like they had been formed by explosions, appeared across the region. Researchers spent months investigating the phenomenon and determined that the … Continue reading

Meteor Shower0901231e
Meteorites Worth Thousands of Dollars Rain Down on Brazilian Town

Pennies From Heaven… The largest chunk of the meteorite, weighing about 40 kilograms, is reportedly worth around $26,000. Residents of a remote town in northeastern Brazil called Santa Filomena recently received an unexpected bonanza when chunks of a meteorite believed to be 4.6 billion-year-old started falling “like rain” from the sky on 19 August, the Daily Mail reports. According to … Continue reading

Are the Mystery Odors in Japan a Sign of an Upcoming Earthquake?

Kanagawa Prefecture, site of Japan’s second largest city, Yokohama, and home to 9.2 million people has recently seen numerous reports of unexplained strange smells permeating the air in a coastal region sitting above the epicenter of the devastating 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake. And worryingly, at least one prominent seismologist indicates this could be a precursor of another earthquake. Most recently … Continue reading

Hawaii’s Kīlauea Volcano Monitored for Possible Eruption

A lake the size of five football fields in Hawaii’s Kīlauea volcano is one of the world’s hottest bodies of water, according to a volcano alert issued by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). A thermal camera used to measure the lake’s water surface temperature reveals that it is between 176 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the USGS, very … Continue reading

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